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Snuffle Mats capitalize on your dog’s natural urge to sniff, forage and burrow, engaging both their body and mind.

Sprinkle treats, or dry food such as kibble, over the mat and your dog will snuffle until every last piece has gone.

 Snuffling stimulates the mind, keeps the dog entertained, slows fast eaters, is great for nose work and has a calming and tiring effect.

Dogs just LOVE to snuffle.

The sturdy rubber mat measures 60cms x 40cms with double knotted soft fleece ties in turquoise, pink and mauve print.

The mats are washable by hand and can be spun in washing machine to remove excess water. Do not tumble dry but air dry on a rack.

Kindly note that the mat is not a chew toy so it is advisable to remove after use in case your dog decides to chew on the rubber.

Shades of Soft

  • Your snuffle mat will be sent within two business days.                                  Postage Cost with Signature $20.00


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