The Snuffle Ball is great fun for your dog and is sure to become their most favourite toy. At the centre of the Snuffle

Ball is a rubber ball that you can fill with up to three quarters of a cup of kibble. Your dog will snuffle the ball around until every last piece has fallen out. Great for an indoor-games of throw and fetch as it is light weight, soft and safe and makes an awesome ball to kick.              

Good training aid, shake to attract and maintain your dog's attention.

Measures about 22cms including fleece and is suitable for all size dogs. Multi-colour combinations may vary.

Dogs just LOVE to snuffle.

The balls are washable by hand.

Multi Coloured Snuffle Ball

  • Your Snuffle Ball will be sent within one business days.                                        Postage Cost $8.50  

  • Your Snuffle Ball will be sent within two business days.                                  Postage Cost  $8.50


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