Dogs with long ears should always wear a Snood when eating.

A Snood gently holds the ears back thus preventing them from dangling in the food and from accidentally getting chewed.

It is important to keep the ears out of the food as stale food on the ears will not only smell but will also attract flies around the dog.


Choose the correct size by measuring your dog not by breed.


To ensure the right fit measure around the head in front of the ears and also around the whole head.


Extra Small - Suitable for Miniature Daschunds, Maltese Terriers etc                                                              Length - 16cms Elastic Opening - 26cms (un-expanded) Roominess around head - 38cms


Small  -  Suitable for Miniature Poodles, Shih Tzu,  Cavalier Spaniels etc

Length - 21cms         Elastic Opening - 28cms (un-expanded)      Roominess around head - 48cms


Medium  - Suitable for American & English Cocker Spaniels etc

Length - 28cms         Elastic Opening - 31cms (un-expanded)      Roominess around head - 54cms


Large -  Suitable for Standard Poodles, Afghan Hounds, Springer Spaniels etc

Length - 35cms         Elastic Opening - 36cms (un-expanded)      Roominess around head - 64cms


The Snoods are washable and the elastic is enclosed and is a soft woven variety which gives a gentle wide stretch opening and lays flat.

Do not leave on unattended.

Kitty Cats Snood

  • Your snood will be sent within two business days.                                        Postage Cost $3.50  




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